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Februar 19, 2017
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März 14, 2017
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The Nature of Our Reality

Many of us listen to or read the teachings of the Masters. All of them speak of many things; yet at some point they all speak of the same thing – the nature of reality. Basically, they all tell us that what we think is reality; is certainly not reality, if that makes sense! After years and years of devotion or endless seeking, some people have that sudden eureka moment, that flash of realisation. The only problem seems to be that our reality and the language we use to try and express it, is almost totally incapable of understanding what the Masters tell us about the true nature of their experience of reality, even when they are the most gifted of poets.

Herein lies the problem. Whilst it is easy to see this gulf between us and the enlightened,  it seems less likely that we have the insight to recognise  what is going on between us and all the significant people around us. Sue and I have been married for nearly 40 years and yet I still recognise that I don’t truly know her. I don’t know her because for the most part I am still seeing my beliefs, self concepts, values and judgements. All these make up a complex and dense filter through which we see what we label as real. All this is pretty bad but it gets worse, because we have this mechanism which has us see what we believe. We are constantly told that the nature of unquestioned perception is that whatever it is you believe you will see. The seeing of it reinforces our belief and also that we are right about what it is that we believe. Also the nature of these beliefs is that mostly they are not conscious beliefs and in the forefront of our minds. Our beliefs, set up many eons ago, are buried in our unconscious mind and usually surface some time into our relationships, reap their havoc, setup the reinforcing of the belief and then apparently vanish.

So, even when it seems our beliefs work against our best interests and certainly our happiness, we still guard them jealously, we are willing to fight and go to war over them. It seems winning, being right or staying separate has a stronger attraction than quietly but sincerely questioning our beliefs and therefore our reality. If we did question our beliefs we would find they are not helping us achieve what we want, but no matter how good or bad a belief is it gives us form, it makes the world a solid, tangible comfort zone.

What would happen if we were willing to give up our beliefs? Firstly we would start to change from seeing a world of form to sensing a world of experiences. We would give up the constraints we have placed upon ourselves and we would free our minds. We would become available. We would accept each moment without the need to run around trying to change anything and in this place of energy we would become limitless. The idea of scarcity would disappear and the experience of peace would become a very real possibility, along with all that comes with peace, including joy love and true freedom.

To grow our awareness and subsequently our perception we need to practice two things –  apart from the core recognition that we are not right about everything we think we are right about. First, we use the power of choice to really question our current perceptions and second, we learn and constantly practice forgiveness. Both choice and forgiveness will begin to unshackle us from the prison of our minds and open us to an exciting world filled with endless possibilities.

So how would I know if I saw my wife from this place of higher perspective, freed from my filters and certainly my judgements? Firstly, I would see past her personalities, her body to a place deep inside her and as a result I would find a place of total understanding. I would know her on every level, seeing her soul journey and I would be so impressed to see the challenges she has faced through time to be here with me now. I would want to share that, be part of that and in short, I would be totally in love. This would open the door to my having that same connection with others, with the natural world and with the cosmos. Until I see her that way then I know I have more purification to do. Only this heightened perspective would allow me to begin to grasp the true nature of the world and finally I would understand that it is really only our dream, a dream that was built by us the dreamer.

With love

Februar 2017