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April 12, 2017
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Vital Health – The backstory

Most of my life I have taken my health for granted. The attitude I had, was that it was just something I used and for the most part it responded well, until the last few years. Even when I had my first wake-up call, I recognise there was still part of me that just wanted to power forward without really learning my lesson or revisiting my relationship to my body and its functions. This naturally necessitated a second wake-up call, which duly arrived at Vancouver airport on the last day of 2015.

We all have heard the saying that without our health we have nothing. While we can all understand the truth of that, often we do not take it seriously, until our health begins to fail. There is a level of arrogance we have in relation to our bodies and most of us do not grasp the level of intelligence our bodies have. A friend and student of mine in Taiwan who held a senior position in industry hit a major crisis in his career and the resulting disease was cancer, which we worked on together – he fully recovered. He changed his life totally. When last in Taiwan over dinner together, he said his most important shift had been starting to listen to his body, recognising that they have a great intelligence. This shift had changed his whole life; it was not only that he had developed a caring relationship with his body, but that relationship had gone way past his body and out into nature and from there so much further.

When we don’t listen to our bodies then our buried psychology, our buried disease is reflected in our physical illnesses. At one level, all our bodily dysfunctions are a manifestation of whatever mental, emotional and spiritual mistakes we have been in denial about. A medical crisis is like any crisis: it is a crossroads for us, a choice point. But often in our fear and/or our denial we have given our power to the medical profession, whose attitude is not always in our best interest, although their intentions are good. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes a medical intervention is essential, but we need to take ongoing responsibility for our lives and especially our health.

From March 27-31 we are getting together in Spain for the Vital Health Retreat, to spend a week looking at this essential relationship. We are giving ourselves the time and space to reconnect with the intelligence that can turn a banana into a living breathing body and to understand the sacredness of that relationship. None of us live in a bubble, a cocoon and to recognise the truth of that try this: close your nose and hold your breath for two minutes. Most of us are not capable of that and it immediately highlights how, simply by our breathing, we are in relationship with our world. What we breathe out flora breathes in and what trees breathe out we breathe in. This is our true nature, we live in an inter-dependent world and our health and the world’s health are our responsibility.

The energy and excitement for this event is still building. You are welcome to join us in this amazing seaside venue if you can.
With love

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