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April 12, 2017
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April 21, 2017
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A Life of Uncertainty

Learning to live with uncertainty is one of the core lessons for us in this life. Many of our problems arise from our unwillingness to accept that uncertainty and change are probably the only things that are guaranteed. We spend much of our energy trying to create the opposite, trying to create a world of certainties in some mistaken belief that such a world would bring us happiness or even peace.

This quest for certainty then creates an image, a concept of such a world we label a “normal” life. We spend most of our day working hard to build security, to achieve goals that basically make us comfortable – it was an expression I heard a lot when I was a child. When my parents were describing others, they would say that they were “comfortable”, a prime goal of their labours. When we look around at the world we have created for most of us you could describe it as comfortable. We have easy access to supermarkets, medicines, cars and houses and we live a convenient and “comfortable” life.

If we take a longer look at this situation, we wonder how we could ever believe that this thinking will work, that it will make us happy or do anything else than result in a massive wake up call for us individually and collectively? How can this focus on ourselves and what we can get be anything that the Universe could consider as OK, achievable long term or result in anything but pain for us? How could there be a greater Good, a universal power, something greater than ourselves that would allow us to behave in such a way? By definition that could never be possible.

Take a moment.
Think of the greatest person you know, past or present, recognise this is your potential.
By the life you are living, how much of this potential will you achieve?

Susie and I are now comfortable but does that contribute anything to our sense of fulfillment or happiness? Becoming comfortable and staying in that comfort zone threatens the vibrancy of a relationship. It is our belief, that if we just go for comfort, we will not make it. We know many people around us who, while they might still be married, are not wholly happy and those that have split up not much happier. Certainly, there are plenty of indulgences going on, but dancing into old age is not too common. Life is about taking risks, mental, emotional and even physical risks. Life is about our giving – giving in service to something greater than ourselves. It is only through this giving that we will find happiness and only by doing this that we will feel fulfilled.

We are all called to grow, to learn, to explore and to live an extraordinary life. In truth it does not matter if we do it or not, what matters is our genuine intention, our intention to open ourselves up as much as possible and give from the heart. We will have to take risks, we will have to let go of what we think will keep us safe and we will need to become comfortable with uncertainty. How else can we truly marvel at life and exist with a sense of continual wonder?


With love

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