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April 21, 2017
Love and Sacrifice
Mai 24, 2017
Zeige alles

Sleepwalking or Birth?

We seem to have found ourselves in an election again and yet it feels there is so little energy about it. It appears we are not in a time of choice and solutions, but we are walking towards a fight, or a messy divorce because some people believe it is better to leave a relationship than to work on it. It has the air of just moving to try and create stronger defenses before the battle.

Why do we want or need a fight, or even believe that from such actions we will ride into the sunset on a wave of success? Fighting only has one outcome and that is losing and scarcity, yet we seem to be sleepwalking towards it. It might be true that Europe was sleepwalking somewhat before Brexit, but the answer cannot be for us to sleepwalk in our own chosen direction.

Yesterday that phrase we heard so many times during the USA election surfaced again: “Let’s make Britain great again!”. What do they mean: that we march back in history and start colonizing people again? Why this desire to go back to some mythical past of greatness and glory? Or, to put it another way, what are we avoiding?

When we look out onto our world right now it seems confusing; many people are turning their backs on the future and want to return to some other time or at least stay on the same trajectory. But what seems obvious is that we are in a time of birth, birth to a new way of being, a new way of thinking. It is like a massive shift from an old era to a new, from one age to another, maybe even from a dark age into a time of renaissance.

Like many births, it can get a little messy, certainly frightening but to prolong it will only make it more so. Many of us want to defend ourselves, withdraw into some form of circling the wagons, put up the barriers, but to do so will make the process a lot more difficult.

We all know at some level that we have to move forward, and to some degree we are already in that process. But rather than sleepwalking into it and allowing our fears to control us, maybe it would be better to become more aware of the underlying forces and the direction they point us towards. We can embrace that intelligence, welcome that shift and set our minds to an easy birth and the start of a new dawn.

We can all play a part in that if we are willing to wake up and engage in our joint future, let go of our pasts and move to a time of Happiness and Joy. Whether that engagement involves door stepping in your constituency, voting, meditating, inspiring groups, or anything else, we commit to start today.

With love

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