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Juni 7, 2017
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Juli 17, 2017
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The Tower is a very significant card in the Tarot deck. The common depiction on the card echoes the images of Grenfell Tower. However, no matter how the card is drawn it would never have the impact of those images of a large tower block in London engulfed in flames which struck horror into the hearts of the most seasoned firefighters. It is difficult for us to imagine the agony experienced by the occupants of Grenfell Tower and our hearts go out to those who lost so much.

The symbolism of the Tower card is one of the necessity of change where change has long been denied and avoided and we have continued to build an edifice to our egos. Due to this resistance to any meaningful change what we have built will come crashing down. The Tower speaks of our unsustainability, our skewed thinking, and of how we have got so far off the track of our humanity. We have created a world of inequality in which we gloss over or ignore the deprivation of many members of the society to which we claim we belong. To have children and others starving, or living in fear is an act of violence and gross neglect which only misleading logic can even attempt to justify.

Throughout history, religious and political movements have all spoken of the importance of equality but we have done so little in practical terms to implement it. In fact, looking at many of our systems such as monarchies, dictatorships, republics and even capitalism, none have had much equality at their hearts. Communism and socialism espouse equality but have not come close to achieving it. Our present UK political system is a result of inequality but neither side has the solution.

A friend told me years ago that whenever there are problems in the world then look at what is happening around the money. It is easy to see that our National Health Service is in almost continuous crisis and where the money is going is to the pharmaceuticals who have a parasitic relationship with the NHS. They keep it on life support, barely functioning but any increase in funding is quickly gobbled up. Schools no longer offer any form of getting rich quick as many of their assets have already been stripped so they are mostly ignored. Housing? Now there is the big one. For decades now different governments have spoken of the importance of building more housing and yet no one has implemented such a policy as doing so might reduce the value of the houses of the privileged. Some have even suggested that Grenfell was cladded in such lethal material to make the outside look good thus making the whole of the borough more valuable.

We must change our tolerance of such inequality, for without equality very little that is meaningful is possible. Whenever we see others as unequal it puts us in sacrifice; whenever we see ‘superior’ and ‘inferior’ we lock ourselves into a vicious cycle driven by fear. It is true others may have done more or be further down the track of life but they are not different. When we look at the world’s stage we can see so many examples of this dynamic but what about us and our families, even our children or our partners? Without equality, there cannot be love for love can only truly exist between equals. To live in a world of inequalities is to live in a world without love and without love there is only fear and horror.

Today would be a good day to truly choose equality with all those around us, for from this will spring friendship, love and happiness, all those things we mistakenly thought we would get from being different, better and separate. Equality is constant and universal. The extent to which you have equality with one person is the extent to which you have equality with everyone so once you choose equality then the feeling of belonging grows and from this feeling of belonging and inclusion every other good thing flows.

Equality starts with us and with those closest to us, our partners, our family and from there it grows. Equality takes courage for us to be honest about our most hidden thoughts but each one of us that chooses and practices equality helps the whole, and moves us towards wholeness.

With love

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