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Juli 17, 2017
Chaotische Zeiten
August 28, 2017
Zeige alles

A Time of Chaos

We live in interesting times. That seems a bit of an understatement right now but I suspect it could get a little bit more interesting sometime soon. On Monday two weeks ago I had my day planned out; amongst other things to go and buy Susie a birthday card, maybe get a haircut and this and that. Nothing like a well planned day!

Within an hour one event changed the whole picture. Nothing happened as planned and I had a very different day, actually still a good day, just nothing like I thought it would be. This got me thinking on a much larger scale about Brexit negotiations, the Trump presidency, not to mention the ongoing conflict in the Middle East and the continuing destruction of countries; and let’s not even start with North Korea.

It seems chaos is all around us. Anyone who claims they know what will happen with Brexit and how it is going to affect us all is living in fantasy land. I am sure if you come up with enough scenarios you might get 30% right with one of them, but it seems we have unleashed forces that will go way beyond the planning of unaware politicians or emotionally ruled members of the governing classes. And where is the USA going? Now that is something nobody will get close to, however it is a great source of entertainment and maybe best left at that. As for the rest of the world that is a pessimist’s dream; death and destruction will reign and I feel a need for a subscription to a survivalist magazine.

It is true it’s easy to become despondent but also it feels like the unfolding of this process is essential. The world is in need of a big step forward, a shift in consciousness and the beginning of an age of renaissance. However before that happens all that is not true, all that is not ready for that shift has to come to the surface, including bigotry, racism, religious divides, corrupt business practices and so on. This is what needs to be seen and new choices made so our change is not polluted with what is untrue, what is not part of a step forward for humanity inclusively.

So this is a time for flexibility. It is not a time to be right about things, or people or the process in general but a time to be witness to world events with compassion and a willingness to learn. We certainly need to give up any ideas that any of us know what is going to happen in the short term except change. In the longer term we will have our renaissance, we might even have an age of enlightenment and I will certainly put my faith in that. But seeing what has been buried under our apparent civilization and watching it come into the light is a bit messy – even chaotic – for now!
With love

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