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August 28, 2017
Causa y efecto
September 13, 2017
Zeige alles

Cause and Effect

We live in a world of cause and effect. Many of us are becoming increasingly blind to this simple law, and perhaps there is no area we are more in denial than with our health. We have become so used to treating the effects and symptoms, that we have lost sight of the origins or causes of our malaise. In fact, the more we look around at scourges of our world we see they are a result of this oversight. Drug addictions are not caused by the drugs but by the pain people find difficult to endure; terrorists are people with a burning sense of injustice.

Only when we have the courage to approach the causes of these issues will we find any resolution. But we have become so conditioned to just reacting to the effect that when the red light comes on on the dashboard we simply remove the bulb – end of problem!

Some people undergo terrible occurrences in their lives and it is easy to get into a place of blame and victimhood regarding these events. It is important for us to have compassion for anyone in pain, it is also important to recognise the consistency of this world and recognise that the origins of this effect, the cause, was something within them that started this process, that set the events in play and resulted in this particular outcome.

Everything we do or think brings consequences and having self-discipline in our deeds and thoughts is essential to a happy life. So much of our healing is the willingness to purify ourselves, not by becoming politically correct or becoming judgmental but in truly digging up the recesses of our minds to change and purify ourselves, recognising the futility of denial and dissociation. It is a source of comfort that the world is consistent; to live in a world where you get away with doing it wrong would truly make this world hell. But it is our experience that the world only works well when we do things right and things go wrong because of something we have done or not done, some thoughts we have had or not had.

We are called to continuously purify, to be very honest with ourselves and face our darkness because only when we do will our lives really work and work well with happiness, even with joy as a daily companion. There are many healing methods for purification and our willingness will open the door to what helps us to begin this process. There are other things that are also important like our integrity, and we do need to keep reminding ourselves to be curious about what lies behind the red light on the dashboard.

With love,