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September 18, 2017
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Vital Health

We are in the middle of a 5-day seminar on health here at Spirthill and every day we get great reminders of the interconnection between our minds and our health. Today health has become big business in every sense of that word and the business of health seems to develop more and more exotic and expensive ways to reassure us that it really cares about our health. However, it does seem that in giving up a lot of management of our bodies to other people we have forgotten the great intelligence our bodies have. Whatever we eat in the morning by the afternoon has become us, our body. Consider what size you were when you were born, a few kilos, and now look at you. You have done that by converting what you have eaten into yourself; how totally amazing, such intelligence! And yet we have often passed the overseeing of our health and our bodies to others.

Our body’s intelligence health is not complicated because – very simply – what you consume will directly affect you so which is more important, what you consume or medication? Now we all get off track and there are certainly times we need to resort to chemistry but only as an aid; it appears that the average medical student in America gets less than 20 hours of nutrition education over 4 years, and even most of that has limited clinical relevance. We need to take back our own power and realize our health is our own responsibility and it is directly connected to what nutrients or otherwise we put in our bodies.

There is also the aspect of how we work out so many of our mental and emotional issues through our bodies. Any illness and even injury reflects an issue in the mind that we have repressed and now it is working it out through our bodies. We have known for a long time every illness has a psychosomatic aspect because our mind and body are both part of the whole, and our ability to deal with our health on this level will greatly enhance our healing.

Understanding the mental aspect of our addictions would be a good place to start. If someone told you that bananas caused serious illness you would have no trouble giving up bananas. Yet we know that alcohol, tobacco, processed foods and sugar all play a part in today’s diseases and many of us persist in consuming them in various quantities. Whether our issue is peer pressure, rebellion, control, self-destruction or self-indulgence, it is worth looking at honestly and making or re-making helpful choices.

Mental health is a big issue today and more evidence is linking gut health to mental health. That is certainly something we believe: get your gut health right and it greatly assists your mental health. Unfortunately many people still live in a constant state of denial of their mental health, often reverting to pills rather than a more holistic approach. This shows up in our society now as a deep concern about our children’s mental health, a hot topic here in the UK. But why focus on the children when they have learnt from their parents? If more parents were willing to approach and deal with their own mental health then maybe the children would be spared this ordeal.

In every area of health and vitality, it is important we take our power back and become proactive about our wellbeing. There is so much to learn and so much to rediscover about the profound intelligence that is us, that is our soils, that is our planet. Nature is filled with magical mysteries and works hard to give us what we need to survive; maybe now is the time to return the favour.

With love,