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Oktober 5, 2017
Une Vie Épanouie
Oktober 9, 2017
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A fullfilled Life

At some point in our lives many of us tap into a place of hollowness inside – lack of direction, purpose and meaning.  Typically we then search for these qualities and most of us land up looking in all the wrong places. We may try and fill this hole with material things, hard work, indulgences, addictions or within our relationships and families. But none of these really appear to do the trick.

Building a sense of self and steadfastness allows us to build a purposeful life, a future filled with success and happiness – but we must first understand our past. Many people we meet say things like “I can’t remember any of my childhood or only a few isolated incidents”. They certainly have dissociated themselves from their feelings around this time; so how can they examine their past if they can’t access it? It is true we have buried our past and tried to leave it behind. However, that is not possible as the patterns formed in our childhood are still driving our behaviour today. We have this link back to our childhood experience and we need willingness, and for that motivation we need to understand the value in such action.

Our childhood was the training ground of our lives. The challenges we faced were there for a reason and that was for us to learn about our qualities, our giftedness and our strength. Every event could be seen in two ways: either as a trauma or a lesson.  When we learn the lesson it begins to point us in a direction in our lives. Once we learn the lesson we begin to have gratitude for everyone and everything because without this event we would not have discovered this aspect of ourselves.

However, if we don’t meet the challenge and don’t learn the lesson, we build our resentment instead. We carry a wound that never heals and eventually we repress it all and develop coping mechanisms, but in doing so we lose ourselves and we lose direction, for our direction in life comes from our hearts.

It is essential for us to build this understanding, accepting there have been no random accidents, and once we have learnt our childhood lesson we will be equipped for our life’s purpose. There is no other reason to go into our past but to learn these lessons; it is not to blame others for their actions or deeds but to find the true perspective that frees us. The curriculum continues after childhood provided we are willing to be open, to keep moving forwards and learning. Each step of the way will lead us to our purpose; to the contribution we have come to make to mankind in this lifetime. Once you achieve that you will know because you will develop a sense of fulfillment, a sense of meaning and you will look forward to every new day with excitement and joy.

There is a whole and the whole is directing the parts; there is a greater intelligence and we are part of that, we have come from that and we will return to that; there is a creator and to be alive is to have been touched by that. We are all on a journey and may it be filled with awe, mystery, joy and love. All we need is the willingness to embrace it, to give ourselves to it and the rest will be done for us.

with love