November 7, 2017
El poder de nuestra mente
Dezember 15, 2017
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The Power of your mind

A fundamental and important reminder for all of us is that the world we live in, certainly the world we perceive, is a creation of our own mind. For most of us, this is a difficult concept to fully grasp. When we add our habit of blaming others for all our ills, it is not surprising that we imagine we live in a great big nasty world that delights in victimising us.

Every one of our thoughts has power and direction; every thought is either building your life and creating happiness or it is going in the other direction. It is not possible to have a neutral thought, any more than it is possible to have your relationships just staying the same.  On close examination you will discover they are either heading for the light or heading for the rocks.

When we don’t recognise the power of our mind to create our happiness we tend to misuse it. In our idle thoughts we give up our conscious choice and just let our mind wander. Aggression and anger is the other end of the spectrum, but we need to recognize that all thought creates form so anger and aggression do create physical manifestations of that form.

Another way we misuse our minds is when we judge others, or situations; in reality, the cause of all our suffering is our judgement. The reason we judge is to distance and defend ourselves from what we really believe about ourselves. Judgement is our attempt to distance ourselves from our feelings and beliefs about our guilt. However this strategy does not work for whatever we judge we get stuck with and even when we run we still take our judgements with us.

However if we are willing to take back our power and recognise how our world is a manifestation of our minds then we can turn our lives into a stairway to heaven. As Chuck says, our happiness is in our hands!

Take time today to choose to become vigilant about what your mind is doing. Our minds have a direct effect on the world, and the world reflects what is in our minds, reinforcing our beliefs. With awareness, we can take responsibility for our minds, and our lives, and then step by step start to create the world that we want to live in.

with love

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