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Dezember 31, 2017
Januar 4, 2018
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Who Do You Listen To?

Well I did make quite a resolution to myself and now I will go public with it – in 2018 I commit to getting out of my own way.

To do that I want to listen a lot more than I do, also I certainly want to let go of being right about all the things I think I am right about. I also want to become a lot more emotionally and mentally adventurous. For instance instead of judging others I will commit to be them, to allow myself to think and feel like they do so I can begin to understand them and in understanding them to love them. The thought of that feels me with trepidation in regards to some people in my world but it is the only way for me to truly return to my Self.

Like most people I am terrible at listening; it is only recently I have started listening to my body instead of using it as a slave on one hand and a toxic dump on the other. Our bodies have amazing intelligence for you could eat a banana this morning and within a few hours it becomes different parts of your body yet somehow we have overridden all that intelligence.

Many years ago in Taiwan I worked with a very senior business executive who had made a big mistake and almost bankrupt his corporation. The emotions that were triggered by this event lay at the root of his severe cancer and when we spoke he had weeks to live. As a result of clearing these negative emotions he recovered and when on to live a very happy and grateful life. A year later while visiting Taiwan, Sue and I had dinner with a very happy him and when I asked what was now his practice he told us that all he does is listen to his body. If he is tired he finds a place to rest, right there and then. It seems that by this connection with his body he had tapped into some level of intelligence much greater that his body. Finally the penny had dropped about one important aspect of yoga and that was to win back this connection to an intelligence that is universal.

Sue and I are excited about the new direction our work has taken us which centres a lot around health and our five day seminars in Spain and the UK are geared to learn more and more about our connection to our body and beyond.

One of my most memorable lessons in The Course of Miracles is simply put as “resign as your ownteacher!” This lies at the core of this newsletter and it is the willingness to be led by something greater than ourselves. It is our willingness to learn and receive, to allow thing to come towards us. It takes courage for it means we need to be open, to accept that anything might happen!

It is not just us that need to make this change but the whole world. But it does start with us and our willingness to be a channel for that intelligence that only wants our happiness and health and aren’t they the things we claim we most desire.

with our love