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Januar 10, 2018
Le Pouvoir de Votre Esprit
Februar 1, 2018
Zeige alles


Having just come back from China, the news story that has seemed to create the most shock and horror is the Californian parents who interned their 12 children while physically and mentally abusing them and reducing their life experience to the minimal level of survival. The teenage children did not know what a policeman was or understand the idea of medicine; what has been revealed is truly a house of horrors and a great example of a world of lack of scarcity.

Of course such a situation raises many questions; for us the highlight would be the total disregard of others’ wellbeing, even the wellbeing of people you have a responsibility to care for. As we look around the world right now, this disregard for others seems to be on the rise as we witness leaders waging war on their civilians, pandering to the wealthy and basically putting self-interest to the top of the list of priorities.

This is not a true picture about the world in general. If you follow Bill Gates the Optimist he clearly explains the major improvements in the world today.  Extreme poverty has been greatly reduced, from 1/3 in 1990 to 10% today; education has vastly improved with 90% of the world’s children now in primary education. This is a small sample of the improvements that have been made. However there is still much more to do, and the need to overcome scarcity takes constant vigilance.

It seems our inability or unwillingness to be inclusive, to embrace and acknowledge others’ wellbeing as part of our own, comes from our level of scarcity consciousness. This is what we all need to address on a personal and global level and for those of us on the path of the paladin, into the level of collective consciousness. Many of us hide our scarcity consciousness by creating a materialist society that we justify by saying if you work and study hard the world will give you all you need. Yet, even amongst friends and colleagues, communication is often driven by scarcity or the fear of it.

For us it seems the only true lack we have in our minds is the lack of God or Love.  What connects us to that energy is our willingness to embrace our interest in others’ wellbeing, which is our willingness to give of ourselves. For when we do make others’ wellbeing greater than our own it makes us much more than we were.  A Course in Miracles describes God as “that that gives all to all”; once we start to emulate this we align ourselves to our true nature.

with love