At war with yourself
Februar 9, 2018
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März 2, 2018
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We believe there is a little more to life than just showing up

We believe there is a little more to life than just showing up, consuming a whole bunch of resources and finally getting dragged away from the trough. The extent to which we embrace this limiting attitude is typically the extent to which we are dis-satisfied with our lives. When we’re dissatisfied we complain, we experience scarcity and discontent; and mostly we bury this under a layer of victimhood and inertia. We know this is a form of sleepwalking that we can easily slip into and then, having surrendered our will, we fear being called to account. However, we don’t have the same reluctance to call others to account.

We have just spent some time at Isha, Sadhguru’s ashram in Tamil Nadu, and we were certainly not alone. For us it is wonderful to be amongst a community, numbering approximately 9 million volunteers worldwide, which is in service to the Divine and also on a path of growth. There are many inspirational posters around the Centre and one that caught our eye reads, “The measure of your growth is a truth you will have to face.”

There are so many ways to say this. Being a little hard core, Christians speak of Judgment Day; others speak of our Karma and yet others simply say there is no free lunch! When sick people attend the Ayurvedic Heath Clinic at Isha for treatment the first prescription is to give you a task, a job, a contribution, for no matter the nature of our malaise we could still give in some form as this is closer to our true nature than anything else. Imagine the NHS doing that!!!!!

Basically we all need to go to work; we need to work on ourselves, on our relationships, on our careers, our emotional intelligence and so much more. Many of us do well in one area like career and success but then we sit back, often feeling superior because society has used this as a measure of our growth. But it is not the only measure and feeling superior is certainly a sign of our lack of overall growth. In British society we have done well in our business world, often punching well above our weight, but we now have a chronic problem of loneliness which has prompted the UK government to appoint a Minister for Loneliness. If we were to use loneliness as the measure of our growth we would rank well below most third world countries.

There is plenty of evidence around that points to the folly of refusing your growth or even believing that taking a few small steps will suffice. For we are all on a journey, a journey back to our true nature, to our joy, our compassion and our relationship with the Divine. For those who question the existence of the Divine, just imagine it as the force that keeps the cosmos in place, preventing chaos and not having it all collapse on your head.

Within every living thing there is that will, not just to survive, not just to live but to excel, to be exuberant, to reach for the stars. Recognise that one day you will be measured, not by some vengeful god, not by your loved ones, but by yourself. What are the measures of your life that would truly satisfy you? Starting with this day, how will you aim to stretch, to grow so that when this life has run its course you will not be disappointed.

with love