Juni 7, 2018
Juni 7, 2018
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A Royal Occasion

Tomorrow will celebrate a Royal occasion, a wedding in case the news has somehow passed you by. Whatever our views of the institutions it is still a great reminder and in some cases a lesson on the power of commitment.  Many of us lose the lesson of commitment and fall into the trap of duty, which is so easy to do in any family but even more so in a royal one. Duty brings deadness, often an inner or outer conflict and certainly a feeling of stuckness and a sense of not living a full life.

All of us are called for some level of service because when we are in service we are giving. We give of ourselves to those around us, to the families we live with, to our communities and to our world. Commitment is the conscious choice to give oneself time and time again. Naturally if you have confused giving and sacrifice this thought fills you with horror, but to have good relationships we need to learn to commit on a daily basis even in the most apparently difficult or even disastrous situations. We harbour so many conscious and unconscious fears about totally giving ourselves to another but, if we had the courage, we would discover that it is in this giving that we break through into higher and higher levels of joy and happiness not to mention consciousness.

Tomorrow will remind us of his joy of commitment and this joy of union. We really hope you all have such a day and bless those who are willing to make it so public.

“The idea of marriage is to multiply joy. If you multiply your miseries it is a crime.” – Sadhguru

With love