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Juni 28, 2018
Juli 8, 2018
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Last week our daughter gave birth to a wonderful and gorgeous baby girl. Her birth is a miraculous and sacred experience as all has worked out well, but there were complications and with the complications came worry. We all supported each other in the final days and a lot of that process involved reassurance as Katie, naturally, worried about her process and the health of her baby. This got me thinking about worry and all that it touches.

Worry is a poor investment of the power of our thoughts. When we worry about something our mind goes round and round obsessively but each thought we have has power and direction. It is not possible to have a neutral thought as each thought either builds our lives or breaks it down.  When we worry we put ourselves and the people we worry about in danger, since our thoughts create our reality, create our world. Therefore often what we worry about we attract, we bring about. This increases our fear which then increases our worry and then the anxiety and on and on down a slippery slope.

Since we are all connected in many ways that we are not always aware of, the other effect of worry is to make the person we worry about feel like they have done or are doing something wrong. When people feel like they are doing something wrong they may behave in that way, or just feel bad and guilty and then behave in that way. So it is important to recognise the way we use our mind does affect those around us; even if we think our thoughts are private that is not the case because every thought has direction and power when it goes out from us. There are no private thoughts and while others may not be conscious of them they do get the thoughts loud and clear on a deeper level.

A side effect of worry is fear, and the more fear the greater the feelings of insecurity. So now we strategise to make our lives secure, safe from the threats of this dangerous world. Get a good safe but dead job, accumulate as many things as possible: a good car, good clothes and good restaurants just so that we are seen as this successful, safe person. We take fewer and fewer risks as we judge every possible opportunity from a perception of safety. However no matter how safe we try to make ourselves we still feel unsafe; we know people who maybe have more than they could ever use in this life but still they worry, they are anxious, fearful as more and more scenarios race through their minds so more and more of their time goes to trying to build safety. We just need to look out on the world and recognise that this is the result of people seeking what they believe will make THEM safe!

This is easier to understand when you read Sadhguru’s quote,  If you seek security in life, unknowingly you seek death. The only truly secure place is your grave.” We can hear the concepts about Resting in God and The Lawns of Heaven etc, but we also inhabit this physical world and we are going to all die. No-one gets out of here any other way, but many of us still live and think like we are never going to die so our dying comes as a massive surprise or a long drawn out refusal. But whatever way it comes it is certainly something we can really get to worry about. So now from a small slippery slope we catch sight of a much bigger one.

On the surface we appear to just want to build safety for our family, and for our company and for us. But the results are often anything but! Time for us to learn about trust, about faith, about belief in others and ourselves. When our mind and thoughts turn in this direction not only does it change us but also it helps all those that we are connected to in a beneficial way. For now the power of our minds is pointing to a belief in a positive outcome. That is not to say there won’t be challenges and tough situations but we hold in our minds the belief that on the other side of those issues everything will work out for the best.

Many people say they have no faith, but that is the same as saying you have no thoughts. We do have thoughts and they are all going somewhere; you have faith in something even if it is having faith in no faith. This is all going on sub-consciously so we could make the process conscious and start using our minds to really build the kind of world we wish for. Our world is and will be the way we wish for right now, so don’t worry about things but learn to change things, change things that work for us and for the people around us.

We have the power!

With love