Juli 8, 2018
It is not fair
Juli 27, 2018
Zeige alles


Last weekend we were lucky to share a renewal of vows ceremony with a couple of dear friends. It was the most wondrous time and the singing of the Gospel Choir touched us all. It was a moment to remember the sacredness of breath. Their singing was certainly a celebration of breath and of sound and of vibration and the ceremony celebrated two people coming home to each other. Breath to us is such a symbol; it is something we all share, it connects us all, it is essential to life and it is unseen for the most part. It is the microcosm of the macrocosm, a constant reminder of the Creator, that invisible force without which we would cease to exist. So our breath is what reminds us of Spirit, our essential nature.

What interesting times as well with that world-gripping story of a group of boys trapped miles underground in caves filled with water. The sheer horror of their predicament, the total giving of so many from so many different countries to do everything possible to free them, and our mass relief they succeeded but not without loss, focused so much feeling. It triggered our deep unconscious,

our fears of being lost, being separated from all we know, of total darkness, of drowning, of our total hopelessness. All our unconscious fears came together; and what an extraordinary initiation for those boys.It has been great reminder to us all to have the courage to rescue those parts of ourselves that are metaphorically buried deep inside, parts of us that have not seen the light of day for a very long time. Many of us hide so well those lost, separated parts and then wander the earth as lost souls but we do need the courage to take a deep breath and enter that cave and win back those lost parts. We imagine those boys and wonder what they were like, what qualities they shared that bonded them together; who was the humorous one, the serious one, the hopeful, the caring, the courageous and all those qualities that make up our humanity?

There are other stories in the news about authorities separating children from parents. The anguish for us parents is almost unimaginable and yet people are doing it and often our response is condemnation. But the only true response to people who do this is to understand that they feel they have been separated from their sources of love, from their humanity. For someone who has suffered so much our response could be compassion for them and for ourselves and our separated parts.

Once we have had the courage and the perseverance to find ourselves, to win back our separated parts, then it will feel that we do come home to ourselves. We regain that deep sense of centeredness, our source, and then from that place extend ourselves to the world and contribute to its wonder. So today take time for a few deep breaths to refocus inwards and remember.


With love