September 7, 2018
The Illusion
Oktober 12, 2018
Zeige alles

Denial and the creator

Well we are all back from our glorious summer, grandchildren, sailing, hanging out with family and even some sunshine. It was wonderful and now back to getting ready to do what we love in another form in a new cycle. We would also like to return to a subject we have written about before but now the energy seems to have gone up a notch or two.

Starting with the USA and the leadership shenanigans, when we look at the current dynamics we see our old friend denial showing up as strongly as ever. Denial and being right is a very destructive mix and cuts out any willingness to listen, to learn let alone change. Here in the UK we have our own master class of denial as we head for the precipice of Brexit. There is little accountability or leadership, just blame and recriminations and still an almost total denial of impending consequences. Then there is the matter of climate change, almost daily warnings of environmental disaster, and yet most of us act as if it has or will have little effect on us; some people even imagine it as a good thing. The image that comes to mind is Nero partying while Rome burns!

For most of us it is relatively easy to look to the denial in our lives, in our relationships, in our careers and if not the conscious denial then the conflicts in almost every aspect of life. Even in so called spiritual organisations we witness these dynamics, with many of us being convinced we know the truth and even willing to impose it on others and yet the outcome of “our” truth is obviously not the truth.

There is an energy that spins the earth, that makes your heart beat, a power that makes the cosmos work; that energy is also part of us, that life force, that Creator. When we make time for that, when we devote some of our day to be in communion with the Creator we feel, we become safer and the odds become different for us. Where do we find the Creator? Firstly we need to desire that relationship, to give ourselves to the silence and once we traverse the silence we will begin to know the truth and the nature of the Creator. This is our path back to the wonder and salvation.

However if we turn the other way and go against the Creator within us then we are most certainly doomed. Maybe we are in such denial because deep down we don’t believe there is a way out which does not mean massive suffering for us. But there is and if we don’t awaken to it then we will suffer greatly. This is a time to make that about face and give value to what is truly important, that sense of life that lies within each one of us, for only this communion will give significance to our existence. So let’s make friends with the Creator within and allow that force to lead our lives and define what is truth.

With love