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Oktober 12, 2018
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Naturally this is something we all want, from our first entry to school, to the sporting field to business to family; it is what we all aspire towards. Yet so few of us truly achieve it. The truth is that success is a level of consciousness, not something you do or get but something you are and therefore something you can share, you can bestow on others. Success in a company is not just a few at the top with great salaries while most struggle. It is not being a clever and accomplished teacher whose students fail. To be truly successful is to emanate that experience to everyone around us; yet while success is one of the things we desire the most it is also one of our greatest fears.

How many of us apply ourselves religiously to the pursuit of success and yet as we approach it we sabotage it? Of course it looks like someone else’s fault, perhaps the market changed or the government altered the rules, but in truth sabotage is an expression of our creativity poorly applied. How many of us even own up to our deep-seated fear of success? While we are happy to raise our hand to many other forms of fear – the dark, death, illness or even a little madness – the fear of success is the one we seem to keep most hidden, unwilling to confront.

The lessons are relatively simple. To be successful we just need to do things right. We need to do things right in our careers and in our relationships. There are mountains of books and courses, seminars and brilliant teachers to aid us in doing it right, and yet for so many it does not work out right and that is because somehow we are refusing to do it right. There are many reasons for our refusal: grievances from our past, acts of revenge on significant others, feelings of guilt and hiding our gifts, to mention just a few.

But all of this hides our fear, our fear not only of success but also of ease, for with these two energies we would grow without limitations. Success is not limited, it includes everyone and everyone can be successful, despite our strong beliefs that there is not enough to go around. So many of us, in the face of this unconscious fear, choose meanness. Even really wealthy people with more money than they could ever spend become really mean and when you become mean with anything, with your time, your resources, your love, or your compassion then you shrink. Your world becomes smaller and smaller and as you disconnect more and more your fear grows until you isolate yourself.

We need to own our fear of success, examine it and finally embrace it because in truth success is natural to us. Happiness and success are our natural state and everything else is what we have somehow taken on not to be this way. If we are all called to success then we need to stand up for that. There is an endless supply, it is not limited in any way and once you grow in gratitude and therefore transcend your limitations, embrace the world and its experiences, then success and us will become the same.

Today start choosing success, be vigilant for it and don’t give in to the temptations to destroy it in yourself or in others. Think of an aspect in which you are successful – maybe at work, with friends or family, perhaps with your cooking or your humour; what’s in the way of transferring those feelings of happiness and expansion to other parts of your life that are more of a struggle? We all know how to do it right deep within us for there is that intelligence; we just need to open to it.

With love