Sich dem Unbekannten öffnen
Oktober 30, 2018
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November 27, 2018
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Opening to the Unknown

Most of us fear the unknown. We spend much of our lives avoiding it, projecting all kinds of negative aspects onto it and investing our lives in making ourselves comfortable instead. We study hard, and learn all we can in the belief that it will keep us safe. Eventually we get to only do what we believe we are good at. As we pursue this direction we just become bored; we are not challenged except by our own illusions. We lose direction and finally reach a feeling of meaninglessness, and then we just want to die.

In my experience as we journey through life we are confronted by crossroads. Often we take the path we believe we can handle but it only leads us back to the same crossroad. We need to develop the awareness and courage to choose the other path, the one that we fear, because if we do then we will find ourselves and we will be impressed.

Most of us define ourselves by what we know. We attain high levels of education and value what we know. However if you read every book in the national library you would, at the deepest level, recognise how little you knew. In contrast, if you define yourself by what you don’tknow then your world opens up. You now have the potential of infinite expansion.

We live in a world of infinite possibilities and the only thing that holds us back is our fear. In times of our conscious fear we do all we can to distance ourselves from what we believe is the source of our fear, hoping we will become less fearful. However this does not work, for the more we separate the greater becomes our fear. Our fear is because of our separation so we must learn to move towards our fear, to embrace it. When we do that, we end the separation and the fear will fall away.

Equally we convince ourselves we could never survive the unknown so best not to journey there and on one level that is true. In the depths of our mind is incredible power and left to our own devices it is only a matter of time before we make a miss-step. But that is why we must learn about relationship and relatedness. We cannot go alone; we must learn to connect to The Creator, to walk with a guide, develop a meaningful and present relationship with our Higher Mind for that is what will make it safe.

There are typically 3 main archetypes we aspire to that originate in ancient cultures but are still true today. These archetypes are the Chief, the Healer (medicine man/woman) and the Warrior. In Chinese culture they add the Lover. Today many people aspire to the first two but they forget the last. Maybe the warrior has a bad name in this time of lovers but even as a lover, a business person, a social worker or a parent we need to remember to develop the heart of a warrior, that we give ourselves totally, holding nothing back on every day that we rise. So when we go out we go out as a bright shining light, rejoicing in our life and not fearful and complaining.

In truth what is beyond is not unknown for it is us, it is us at our best, us as our brightest, it is us at our greatest potential. But we have named it unknown because we fear ourselves.

Practical tips:

Starting slowly, do something different every day. Speak to others you have avoided, make love to your partner in a different way, listen to those you have disregarded and on and on. We have strived to make ourselves safe but instead we have died. There is no safety in this world. Anything you can imagine could happen but the question is, will you rise above this and fly or will you retreat?

In the face of a challenge, don’t try to control the world but instead ask yourself, ‘how do I need to change so I can handle this or anything that is thrown at me?’ Your withdrawal will not keep you safe; what keeps you safe is your awareness, your courage and your willingness to learn and grow as new steps present themselves.

Make time in your life for meditation, choice, and listening. This is invaluable for building that vital relationship with the brightest you. Become that quiet observer of life and it will unfold before you.

With love