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November 27, 2018
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Januar 10, 2019
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Love and Brexit

We certainly are living in interesting times and no more so than here in the UK where all the fractures are up and in our face. It feels like the world is looking on watching a country self-destruct: nobody seems to be able to step up and change the course of this slow motion death roll. The latest chapter is the realisation that separation will have a cost to it. We can all look around at fighting couples and see the disintegration of their success and their charge towards scarcity. How our political leaders thought it would be different on a national scale points to their lack of awareness of the nature of this world.

Essentially, this world is a very large classroom in which we are all students and have come here to grow and even to excel.  However, there are a few basic relationship dynamics that need to be understood. The first is the knowledge that everybody has a desire for love. In fact everything we are doing in every situation is in the belief it will get us love in some form. Yet as screwed up as that can be, when we see the damage we are doing to our home, it does appear to be true.

We are mostly attracted to relationships for this same reason, the belief that we will find love, and yet while we have this unconscious drive towards love; mostly we don’t have a really good understanding, just a few good ideas. Love is many, many things and can be defined in many ways, however, this quote from Sadhguru reflects the purpose of this article. He said “Love is the longing to include someone else as part of yourself. It is a possibility to become more than what you are, by inclusion.”

Statistics show again and again that the key to our mental and physical health, and our longevity, is good relationships; another way of saying this, is that it’s important we go in the direction of inclusion not separation.

However, we Brits seem to have a firm belief we will once again become more than what we are by separation. It is not possible that both can be true! The journey back to love is often difficult because we are being asked continuously to give up our self-concepts, our beliefs and our core personalities, not to lose anything, but to grow our consciousness and evolve. Many of us do get into a committed relationship and some of us even find happiness there. If you do well done you! But that is not the end of the road it is only the beginning.

Loving another human opens our heart, and that is a poignant thing, The next level is when we learn to love humanity, not just another, but all others and in doing that we will really change. Still that is not the end; for then we are called to love at a higher level which brings in the knowledge and compassion for our human experience. There is then still another step to open ourselves to the love of the creator, to become a mystic. That is the journey we have all signed up for so maybe it’s time to give up the bad student bit and allow ourselves to include, to be intimate at greater and greater levels.

In our world of duality there are two directions and we all need to be aware of which one we are choosing everyday and in every situation. Yes, there are many lessons to learn but all that is called for from us is willingness and maybe an essence of good humour towards ourselves.

Have a happy and healthy day.

With love