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November 10, 2019
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Januar 9, 2020
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“You are life! And you are here to live, experience and serve life.
No one has the right to have a mission of their own!”


Just being born and joining this life is proof of an immense life force, a force we feel when a baby cries with hunger, or witness when people survive days in the wilderness. It’s a tangible physical energy within that we may experience when we face danger, or play sport, or stretch, or practice breathing, chanting or meditation. But as we look around it is difficult to see many people who are living in service to life itself, in the way Sadhguru implies.

We certainly see people basically in service to themselves; in fact many of us strive for independence, our so-called freedom, and we shy away from caring, connecting with and helping others. We have undoubtedly been there and when we ask ourselves why then it is because we have searched for money or success, even happiness. But we have learned that all these things would be a natural outcome of us being in service to life.

Today it becomes more and more obvious that our very existence is being threatened by our ravaging of the source of our life, the planet. Even with mounting scientific evidence staring us in the face we seem to refuse to deviate from our wholesale drive to satisfy our needs. We insist on being independent, grabbing what we can and getting into conflict or even war with others we see as thwarting us from our perceived source of happiness. This is a strategy that has not and never will work.

Part of our salute to life is to start with ourselves, and maintain our bodies as well as our minds in the best condition we can in order to fulfil our call to service. The older we become, we see that our bodies do need to be fit for purpose and once we have that then we can begin to spread that health outwards to more and more of the planet. How often do you take time to honour life and celebrate it through movement and exercise? How healthy is your diet, and how do you cleanse yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

And we are beginning to understand the importance of our gut to all these levels. The oldest surviving culture in the world is that of the original inhabitants of Australia, the Aboriginals. This society, which is 60,000 years old, contains amazing wisdom and speaks of us as spirit, mind and gut! Unfortunately western medicine for the most part ignores the gut, does not even see it as an organ, which seems to be reflected in the increasing number of sick people we have flooding our medical services.


Research is showing that the gut-brain axis goes two ways: the health of the gut affects behaviour and emotion and is implicated in autoimmune diseases as well as mental disorders. And emotional stress and anxiety affect the workings of the digestive system, the very foundation and flow of life.

Let’s face it, we are all incredibly intricate physical, mental and spiritual miracles endowed with a powerful force, a mystery that science struggles to unravel completely: LIFE. Learning to experience and serve life is the motivation behind our Vital Health retreats. “It is our deepest wish to end all forms of dis-ease and unlock the astonishing intelligence of our bodies for robust mental and physical health”. Jeff and Sue Allen.

Then, in love with life, we are fit to contribute beyond ourselves.

With love,

22-25 January 2020 – Women’s Vital Health Retreat, Wiltshre
10-14 March 2020  – Vital Health Retreat, Spain