Februar 27, 2020
Februar 28, 2020
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Coronavirus is a virus that affects the respiratory system and the respiratory system reflects our attitude to our life and how we live it. It shows our ability to receive and enjoy life. Many teachings consider breath and the process of breathing as sacred, as well as obviously essential to life.

In general, problems with our breathing and our lungs reflect deep and often unconscious feelings of unworthiness and self attack. Also there would be some issues around sacrifice and fusion and therefore lack of self inclusion to the point of feeling you don’t deserve to live. Typically with breathing there are issues around loss and sadness which prevent us taking our place, which would mean we would have to transcend these issues.

This new virus in particular points up a place where we are caught at a crossroads and the pull in each direction is almost like we are at war with ourselves. What lies in one direction is a new level of success, recognition, happiness  and growth. And it is true we are facing many challenges in the world today which call for this big shift and to step up to a visionary level, to find and implement the answers we need for our survival and more.

In the other direction lies our fear of being overwhelmed and unable to deal with the situation. Our control is being confronted which increases the fear and our resistance to the opportunity turns the situation into a life or death struggle. This resistance to surrender and trust the forward movement is where we refuse to step up and take our place and strive for our purpose. We are being called to integrate this fearful part of ourselves and move forward with enthusiasm.

As far as Vital Health Spain 2020 goes, everyone needs to make their own decision according to their own beliefs and desires. It is important that we don’t give away our power to make choices in our life to anyone else.

As of today we are committed to being at the appointed place at the appointed time, and we are looking forward to the whole experience.

With love