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März 31, 2020
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Mai 3, 2020
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Living with Corona Virus

Now we are well and truly in the grasp of this pandemic and the suffering is becoming more apparent and touches more lives, often in a very profound way. Some of us are coping reasonably well but many of us are in different forms of hell, either personal hell or collective hell.

In our book, How Love Works, we suggested that more thought should go into the service of marriage; rather than the happily ever after and marital bliss bits the couples should be asked the question, “if you were in hell would you want this person standing next to you?” For a chance of happiness in your marriage the answer better be a resounding “yes”. The reason for this is that all of us have places of hell in our minds that stem from when things appeared to go so wrong when we were kids. We may have buried these places deep in our minds but they are there, and now for many people these places have come collectively and personally to the surface. Maybe it is the hell of being confined in a small space with someone you are in conflict with, or the hell of dying alone gasping for breath, the loss of a business or a job or the failure of a loved one.

If there was ever a time for compassion, now is that time. We are all called to extend ourselves in love and light to the world around us, to place our consciousness on the fast track and do all we can to lift the world out of this hellish place. Every one of us who puts our heart and mind to work for this resurrection in this place and in this time will be doing the world a service. The message of Easter reminds us that Jesus Christ entered a hell on his way to his crucifixion and he rose above it; and each one of us can contribute in our own way.

We are also reminded of the legend of the compassionate Bodhisattva who sits in hell and keeps the doors open; he is there to allow anyone who wishes to escape from hell the opportunity to do so. His love for people is so great that he dedicates himself to everyone’s release.

Now is the time to put our minds on the escape from hell, and to heal these places in our minds and also in the mind of man in its collective form. Maybe not since the first Easter has there been one as auspicious as the one we are about to go into tomorrow. May it be a blessed time for you.

With love,