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Mai 28, 2020
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Juli 12, 2020
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Bridge Building

Last week Sue and I finished our 15-week daily Face book Live sessions, which we believe were fairly well watched; we certainly enjoyed and gained from the experience as we hope others did. We ended the last two sessions speaking about the crucial need for vision and the biblical saying that, “where there is no vision the people perish”. Now is certainly a time for vision if we are going to dig ourselves out of this hole we are in, because Covid-19 is just the start and the issues that we have not dealt with are now queuing up for our attention.

In the last session we spoke of many things, from the sacredness of the gift of life to the importance of recognising the infinite number of connections we have with the people in our world. These connections are mostly hidden to us but with desire can be revealed like a magnificent tapestry. We recognised the first step in this revelation was our readiness to build bridges to everyone in our world. We are so caught up in all kinds of polarisations, certainly affecting most countries and therefore each of us individually.

The first step for us all is our willingness.  Willingness is one of the greatest of our gifts and is certainly on the feminine side of our being. First comes our surrender and then our easing into willingness and now we become our best self: a happy learner! Once the willingness is there then we can start to extend ourselves within every aspect of our lives. We can move in a direction of unlimited expansion filled with generosity, with our time, with our gifts and with our souls.

We have said the virus and the lock down is actually the easy bit and now the true ravages to our way of life will show: the massive unemployment, the deep levels of previously covered mental health issues and many other strains on our everyday lives. This will be a time for connecting, for building bridges between the haves and the have nots, the weak and the strong; it is a time to remember our humanity and the recognition we are all in this together. The whole world has been pulled down by this pandemic and now is the time we can jointly find the way forward, starting with those closest to you but with the willingness to go wherever we are called with willingness and generosity.

A time is coming when all are being called and hopefully many will answer. A time for leadership, for sharing and for connection for our sakes and the sake of the people coming after us. We are called to meet the challenge, to apply ourselves, to learn and to change and joyfully build a better world. There can be no greater gift than contributing to making others’ lives happier and bountiful again.

With love,